Renault L90 GRAF Water Pump

Renault L90 GRAF Water Pump

  • Product Name: Water Pump
  • Product model: Renault L90
  • Brand: GRAF
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A water pump is vital to a car engine’s operation because it ensures the caoolant keeps moving through the engine block, cylinder head, hoses and radiator, and maintains an optimum operating temperature. It is usually driven by a belt from the crankshaft pulley or sprocket.

A car’s water pump uses impeller blades and centrifugal force to move the coolant through the various passages and hoses that make up the cooling system.

Once the coolant has flowed around the engine it is taken by hoses to the radiator, usually at the front of the car, where the hot coolant is cooled by the movement of air over the radiator’s fins. It then exits the radiator and flows back into the water pump, where the process starts over.


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