911 – Khawar – 10 ton Benz truck METELLI valve guide

911 – Khawar – 10 ton Benz truck METELLI valve guide

  • Product Name: Valve guide
  • Product model: 911 – Khawar – 10 ton Benz truck
  • Brand: METELLI
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A valve guide is a small tube, usually made of metal, that is designed to cover, protect, and align one or more valves in a combustion engine. They’re perhaps most commonly seen in cars, but are an important part of the engines for many vehicles and gas-powered devices. The main idea is to keep the valves running to the exhaust and intake chambers supported and properly positioned, but the guides usually also play an important role when it comes to regulating temperature and preventing things like oil leaks. Most guides are designed to outlast the valves they protect, and are usually very durably created. With proper engine care and regular oil changes, these devices should go very much unnoticed. Should the casing wear down or age prematurely, though, big problems can result — engines often overheat, car hoods may begin smoking, and the whole system can grind to a halt until things are fixed. Repair options are usually pretty straightforward, though the process can be somewhat complicated for untrained individuals.


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